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Eller Hispanic Honorary was organized to foster the talent and academic excellence among the finest Hispanic business students in the Eller College of Management; to culturally unite and welcome diversity; to promote scholarship and outstanding academic achievement; to bridge affiliation with the commercial world and the Eller Hispanic Honorary members; and to significantly ensure extraordinary leadership in the commercial world headed by the top Hispanic business graduates who are produced by the Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona. The core values are based on leadership, scholastic excellence, and diversity recognition.

Fall 2021


Eller Hispanic Honorary is one of 8 diversity clubs at the Eller College of Management. Our club is unique because our members are Hispanic, which means that there are many different nationalities and cultures within our members. ​

Aside from the diverse backgrounds, our club also takes in all majors that are offered at Eller, as well as Pre-Business and Consumer Science majors.

peer mentorship

With our main focal point being “Familia,” it was a natural progression to introduce a big and little system into our club. With over 4 different Families that grow with each new cohort inducted, the system of Mentoring goes beyond looking up to an upperclassmen, but extends to the professional world as well! When a member graduates and goes to work for a company, they stay connected as a member of the Family and serve as an asset to the new members. 

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We take great pride in supporting our students grow Professionally through our events and meetings. In the past, we have had companies give presentations relating to topics that could help our students gain internships, network more efficiently with professionals, and thrive in the workplace.

Community Service

Coming from a Hispanic background, our primary Community Service’s are centered to help those around the Tucson community, specifically South Tucson. Historically, we have attended Eller Make A Difference Day, but we also volunteer time to help create donation boxes to feed families on Thanksgiving, as well as help at a local kitchen pack dinners for families of low income. We have also partnered with the Southern Arizona Community Food Bank to create care packages for families who require the help.


What makes the club unique is that it remains a close-nit family while still boasting a roster of more than 50 members. This is mainly due to the Philanthropy events that we hold such as hiking, roller bladingrollerblading, Christmas parties, and Senior Send-Off. All these events bring our members closer together as we build relationships that will last a lifetime.


During the 2018-2019 school year, our club was recognized by the Federation of Eller Student Organizations as the Most Outstanding Club! This was largely due to high volume of opportunities we present our members to grow professionally, philanthropically, and the chance to give back to others in the Tucson Community.

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